How is hypochlorous acid used in the poultry industry?


Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is safe on animals and has many applications in the poultry industry including hatcheries, broiler houses and processing. HOCl can be applied to eggs in hatcheries via misting and is cleared by FDA FCN 1811. Hypochlorous acid can be dosed into the drinking water for broiler houses at up to 4 ppm to ensure sterile water. It can be applied via sprinklers and misters to maintain a sanitized environment for chickens, increasing growth rates and decreasing feed to growth ratios. HOCl can be used to sanitize whole or processed chickens as a no-rinse sanitizer at processing using concentrations up to 60 ppm per FDA FCN 1811. HOCl can be applied via hoses or foggers to broadly sanitize large areas. Employees can step into foot bathes and be misted by HOCl when entering a processing facility.