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Ways To Sanitize Pacifiers

Most parents share concerns about their baby’s pacifier being a germ breeder. Pacifiers are a great means of giving your baby comfort, but what’s a comfort that could harm your baby?

You should know how to sanitize pacifiers to protect your baby from bacteria. Babies are vulnerable to illness-causing germs, and protecting them from these germs is vital and simple.

Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing Pacifiers

People often confuse the actions of cleaning and sanitizing as the same, but they are not. Cleaning a pacifier removes the dirt, grease, droll, and other unwanted substances from the pacifier. While it is possible to get a few germs off the pacifiers during cleaning, it is not dependable. This is because cleaning does not focus on getting rid of germs.

Sanitizing ¹a pacifier, on the other hand, is majorly focused on killing every germ that may abode in the pacifier. With sanitizing, the pacifier is in a much better clean state for your baby. The great thing is that you cannot sanitize pacifiers without cleaning them. Both go hand in hand and are meant to provide a clean and germ-free pacifier. You should always clean and sanitize the pacifier, do not clean and use it immediately, and do not also sanitize immediately without a good cleaning session.

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Ways To Clean a Pacifier

Before we know how to sanitize pacifiers, we must understand how to clean them because cleaning always comes first.

There are different² ways to clean a pacifier; some methods are faster, some are time-consuming, and some are better than others.

1.   Using Running Water

Parents put the pacifier under a running faucet to remove the dirt. This is good to clean, but as stated earlier, it won’t do much to eliminate germs in the pacifier which is also important.

2.   Sticking In The Mouth

We are sure that at some point, you may have done this to get your pacifiers clean. Most parents opt for this method of cleaning the pacifier when there is no running water. Sticking a pacifier into your mouth is like taking matters into your own hands.

This is a love action because parents stick the pacifiers into their mouths to get off the dirt and germs before handing them to the baby. It may seem somewhat unsafe, but it is better for cleaning your pacifier at the moment. Some studies show that the microorganisms in a parent’s mouth can help clean the pacifier and are safe enough for the baby.

3.   Boiling Water

Another way to get your pacifier clean is the boiling water method. This involves boiling the pacifiers to get them clean and free from bacteria. We can say this method is done to get the pacifier both clean and sanitized. This method is better than others due to its ability to rid the pacifiers of germs.

Using this method, however, involves you leaving the pacifier to cool down after the process of soaking it in hot water. This may take a long time and may not be the best method if you need to use the pacifier instantly.

Ways To Sanitize Pacifiers

While we know that cleaning pacifiers are a great way to keep them clean for your baby’s use, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your baby’s pacifier is sanitized.

We’ve heard parents buy machines that help to sanitize and sterilize pacifiers. This method may not be your choice due to the cost of these machines. Another reason you may not prefer this is the space you need to store the sanitizing machine.

Another way to sanitize pacifiers is using a dishwasher; this also takes a long time which your baby may not have the patience for. While you sanitize the pacifier in a dishwasher, it is best to get a backup one for the meantime while the sanitizing is ongoing.

Have you heard something being an answer to all questions? That is what³ HOCl stands for. Regarded as the universal sanitizer, it is a great choice when looking for how to sanitize pacifiers. Known as  Hypochlorous Acid in full, this natural sanitizer is a powerful oxidant capable of ridding the pacifier.

HOCl is mild, natural, and effective for its purpose. It is generated when you run electricity through the solution of saltwater. Your baby is safe with using HOCl as your choice of sanitizing. It is used by many as a food sanitizer because of how secure it is.

When you seek the best way to sanitize pacifiers, get HOCl now to have a perfectly sanitized pacifier for your baby. This method is not time-consuming, so that you can save time and energy.





Ways To Sanitize Pacifiers