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Earrings and How To Care for Them

Earrings have a way of making you stand out when you want to achieve that attractive look. Just as they make us look splendid, these beauty accessories deserve to be taken care of correctly and with the proper materials. Like most things worn on the body, you can disinfect it to keep it safe for use at all times.

Many have often complained about reactions they experienced from their earrings after a few use. This could be from the accumulated dirt, grease, and sweat caught by the earrings during use. Knowing how to disinfect earrings comes in handy to help you maintain and keep your ear free from bacteria.

It is essential not to disregard any little particles on your earrings because not only can they damage your shiny accessories, but they can also put you at risk of getting ear infections.

disinfect earrings, clean jewelry

Types of Earrings and How To Care for Them

Knowing how to disinfect earrings is excellent, but it is essential to understand that some cleaning methods and the cleaning agents involved can damage your earrings. This is because earrings are of different varieties and need different disinfecting ingredients.

Gold earrings are mostly cleaned and disinfected with water and mild dish soap. Due to the nature of gold, these cleaning agents help to retain the shiny feature of your gold earrings. All you need is dish soap, water, and a soft toothbrush. After soaking your earrings for about 30 minutes, you can rinse them and dry them gently with lint-free clothes. Some use alcohol to disinfect their gold earrings, but this can be risky if your earrings have stones held in place by adhesives. The alcohol may melt it away.

Diamond earrings are similar to gold earrings due to the need for utmost care and attention. This may seem quite contradictory to the resilient character you may have heard about diamond earrings. As resilient as they can be, using the wrong disinfecting agents can cause discoloration. Like with gold earrings, some people opt for dish soap and a toothbrush to eliminate the dirt on their diamond earrings.

Pearl earrings are the opposite of diamond earrings; they’re fragile and scream everything delicate. This shows how precious they look when they sit pretty on your ears. They get exposed to substances that can cause damage to your ear and the earrings. It is preferable to clean pearl earrings without water; a soft cotton cloth is enough to remove the dirt on them. If you would love to add water for better results, use a damp cloth. Avoid disinfecting and cleaning agents with chemicals for your pearl earrings.

Who doesn’t like the sparkly glow of silver earrings when they sit clipped in on your ear? This spark, however, can be short-lived if not correctly maintained. It can hold onto dirt and germs that can expose it to ear infections hence the need to disinfect. Some experts recommend using baking soda, tin foil, boiling water, and a soft brush. These ingredients are only peculiar to silver metals and should not be used on other earring types to avoid damaging them.

Why Disinfect Earrings?

The pain, redness, and swelling you feel, plus the pus that comes out every once in a while from your ear, are signs of an ear infection. This is possible because most people wear a particular earring for an extended period without cleaning or disinfecting it.

Note that you are at a very high risk of infections if you do not disinfect your earrings. This alone should be a strong motivation for you as regards why you should disinfect your earrings.

Earrings and How To Care for Them

How Can Earrings Be Disinfected?

There are² several methods you can adopt to disinfect earrings; while some are common, some are unique and safer.

●     Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great disinfecting agent that focuses on killing germs and, at the same time, effectively maintains the shine of your earrings. The hydrogen Peroxide comes mainly in a bottle; you can use it by placing a pad or a cotton ball over the bottle’s opening. Dab the wet cotton ball all over your earrings to get them disinfected. You can also soak your earrings in a cup of hydrogen Peroxide if it can withstand the method.

●     Hot Water

This quick go-to method gets your earrings disinfected with few ingredients. You can soak your earrings in hot water for about 20 minutes; this helps to kill the germs better. You can gently scrub the earrings with a toothbrush to get your earrings dirt free.

●     Hypochlorous Acid

This is a natural, safe, and overly effective way of disinfecting your earrings. It is electronically generated to kill bacteria and viruses better than chlorine. It does not contain toxic chemicals that can damage your earrings. Unlike some disinfecting agents that are perfect for some of your earrings,³ HOCl suits every type of earring with its eco-friendly properties. Get this now to disinfect your earrings with no fear of damage perfectly.





Earrings and How To Care for Them