Most parents share concerns about their baby's pacifier being a germ breeder. Pacifiers are a great means of giving your baby comfort, but what's a comfort that could harm your baby?
A washing machine is an essential home appliance. They help us get our clothes clean. However, you might have realized that for some time now, your washing machine has been doing the exact opposit
Brushing your teeth daily is a way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brushing involves scrubbing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and tongue. Most people pay attention to the teeth and mouth and disregard the item responsible for keeping them clean; the toothbrush.
Fish and seafood plant sanitization has been a significant area of concern. Whether it’s fish and seafood harvesting, the direct sanitation of fish and seafood, producing sanitized ice for transportation and storage of raw materials and finished products, pressure spraying and fogging of factories and plants, or the elimination of harmful sanitization and disinfectant chemicals for employee safety – the industry faces a myriad of challenges. The answer goes beyond simply figuring out how to sanitize jars for canning, or how to disinfect a cutting surface areas in a busy plant. And the solution is in using leading edge Electrolyzed


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Even while some people wash their hands frequently, they forget to sanitize or...